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The Poppy Star

The Poppy Star

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The beautiful Chima Poppy can best be represented by the Star Tarot card, which signifies hope, unlimited prospects and magic. Anything is possible with this stunning, double-bloom species of poppy.

Papaver somniferum Annual

Envelopes contain 15 seeds

Beautiful intense pink to red blooms with lots of petals. Originating in Romania, this ornamental flower bears beautiful double blooms. The seeds can be used in cooking, making it a beautiful dual-purpose flower.

SUN NEEDS: full sun- minimum of 6 hours
PLANTING DEPTH: surface of the soil
GERMINATION: 10-15 days
MATURITY: 50 days
PLANT HEIGHT: 30-36 inches
SOIL TYPE: rich, moist, and well drained
Sow seeds outdoors in the early spring when the soil is still cool and light frost is possible. Direct seeding is preferable, as poppies do not like to have their roots disturbed. Can also be sown in the fall just before the ground freezes. Plants will tolerate poor soil.