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Galaxy Amethyst Druze Hearts | Gemstone Hearts

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Galaxy Amethyst Druze Heart makes a stunning, statement piece with high vibrations and a collector's item for crystal lovers. Amethyst possesses powerful healing properties. It is thought as a protective stone. It is regarded as a natural tranquilizer as it relieves stress, alleviates sadness and dispels negativity. Balances mood swings and dissipates anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Calms and stimulates the mind, and helps improve focus and motivation. Activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. Ideal to use during meditation due to its purifying energy. Perfect addition to home or office decor as it brings emanating prosperity. Gorgeous gift for loved ones. Buy our supreme quality Galaxy Amethyst Druze Heart, to offer amazing crystals to entice your customers. Sold: Per piece